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Desktop::Eminence by vedica Desktop::Eminence by vedica
The windows blinds skin is Eminence. The wallpaper is Black. Love the blackness of it all! Sleeek! :nod:

Win XP
Windows Blinds
ncs Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
wow... nice desktop...

now since i cant give u credit for the desktop theme (thank you window blinds :P) i can certainly talk abt the way u placed ur icons.. tells loads abt people...

i was a bit disappointed to see black instead of pink (:P pulling ur legs ;) ) but any how looks gr8 and btw... ur win firewall is disabled.. tho zonealarm seems to working fine ;) why dnt u just disable that ugly "shield with the cross" from the cp :P

m so gud at finding faults >:)
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